Duration : 1 Year

Seats : 6


Eligibility : SSLC

The One year Sound Engineering Diploma program offers students the essential combination of the technical, theoretical, practical and musical areas of the audio arts.


This course offers a complete perspective on the Fundamentals and Transducers Introduction to the Physics of sound and waves, introduction to electricity concepts, microphone theory, microphone technique, magnetic domain theory, recording digital media, digital recorders, digital recorder practices and maintenance, introduction to equalization, audio console components, console signal flow, comparison of "split" and "inline" design, digital consoles, console automation, loudspeaker theory, loudspeaker type, crossovers and classical production techniques.


This course introduces the student to the area of synchronized sound, dialog editing, sound design, sound effects, Foley, music composition, and underscore. Projects will include the creation of all audio and musical elements used to create complete soundtracks. Multi-channel mixing techniques and projects will also be included.


Duration : 4 Months

Seats : 6

Eligibility : SSLC


This course is designed to familiarize the student with basic audio studio recording practices. This is a course which requires time in the recording studio.


 This course offers an introduction to microphone technique, monophonic recording, stereo recording, digital editing. digital recording maintenance and introduction to multi-track recording. Students will be required to participate in recital and ensemble performance recording.


Assignments will gradually lead the student to feel confident to effectively administer an 8-track recording session, overdub sessions, and mix sessions.