Digital Film Editing program provide students with hands-on instruction in editing theory, techniques and the fundamentals of digital editing. The students will be exposed to different software packages to ensure they have the technical knowledge that is required to begin building their careers. They will understand the entire workflow from production into post-production. Editing curriculum designed  around storytelling and the relationship between editor and director. Students will learn to apply their craft to the demands of fiction, documentary and animation, creating visual narratives while working with sound, music and, where appropriate, special effects.


The students trains on Final Cut Pro X software. Final Cut Pro is the leading digital editing software in the industry in the areas of feature films, television and documentaries.

Beyond working with Final Cut Pro, students will learn to master the Adobe Premiere, GV Edius, Photoshop and Color grading Software Davinci Resolve.At the end of the course students will have 5 completed projects(2 Short Films, 1 Documentary, 1 Doc-fiction and 1 Ad-Film), which will be a compilation of all of their work.

Duration : 1 Year

Seats : 6

Eligibility : SSLC


Duration : 4 Months

Seats : 6

Eligibility : SSLC



This 6 month crash program gives students all the necessary skills to edit with the film industry’s leading editing software, Final Cut Pro. In addition to training on Final Cut Pro, students are taught multiple theoretical editing and how to practically apply those theories..


Students gain hands-on experience by editing various projects with footage provided to them in class.


Over the course of the workshop, students are provided footage in class to edit five varying types of projects.

Students will edit: a short dramatic scene, a music video and a trailer for a major motion picture. The final week of the workshop is dedicated to building a digital reel of all the projects created during the class.