Duration : 2 Years

Seats : 6

Eligibility : Degree/Diploma


Students learn the fundamentals of the art and craft of Cinematography. Topics covered will include optics, light metering techniques using incident meters and utilizing digital cameras, basic lighting, fundamentals of composition and camera movement using the dolly & Jib.


PG students will be expected to complete ten projects. Cinematographers are encouraged to work with Filmmaking students on these projects, as well as supporting their classmates' projects by working in key crew positions.


Program is designed to help students move beyond simply capturing an image, and instead begin painting with light. As students' ability increases, so does their tool set. Students learn how to build and operate a Red digital cinema camera. Students will capture slow motion at high frames rates, and explore the RAW image work flow provided by the Red.


Students will use the Red digital cinema camera to shoot their final project of their choice targeting film festivals.


Duration : 1 Year

Seats : 6

Eligibility : SSLC

During the first semester of the one-year cinematography program, students are introduced to the aesthetics of digital cinematography.They begin shooting Doc-fiction/Documentary on HD Video Cameras. The students then move on to DSLR/DSLM cameras.


During the second semester production workshops, students use one of the industry's most popular camera, Blackmagic 4K Production Camera, to achieve an objective ā€œlook.ā€ The lighting workshops focus on achieving optimum outcomes in every format as well as learning more advanced lighting equipment and techniques.


Production workshops place the emphasis on technical and aesthetic control of the image through careful equipment set-ups. Part of the goal is to explore and become familiar with the huge range of equipment that is available to DPs. They work together with directors in the 1-year film making program to shoot their final semester projects.